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Your One-Stop source of high quality injection moulded model ship and aircraft fittings, fabric flags, vinyl decals and lining products

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About Us

Reade Models is actually one of the oldest operating companies in the UK model trade.

Our business started in 1945 at the end of World War 2 when our founder, Mr John L Reade returned to his job at Hobbies Model Shop in Houghton Street, Liverpool after he was demobilised at the end of hostilities.

He found that the shop was very short of stock, most of the UK manufacturing businesses that had previously supplied the model trade had been turned over to manufacturing for the war effort and supplies were very limited.

John set to manufacturing small items at home that could be sold in the shop, and items such as lead soldiers and plate layer’s huts for the model railway enthusiasts were produced in their thousands.

Eventually, John bought a small bench-top injection moulding machine and the business started in earnest.  Plastic figures replaced the lead soldiers, and a large range of model railway accessories was developed.

John realised that there was more money to be made from selling to the shop than working in it so he founded The Liverpool Model Supply Company which operated from a converted terraced house in Lily Grove behind Monks Garage on Queens Drive.  Our first range of model ship fittings was was developed there in the early 1950’s.

The Liverpool Model Supply Company later became The Northern Model Supply Company and supplied model fittings and accessories to trade giants such as Rip-Max, Robbe, Graupner, Keil Kraft, Amerang, Hobbies (Derham), Veron Model Aircraft (Bournmouth), Lesro and many others.

John retired in 2004 following a heart bypass operation, and sady died in December, 2012 at the age of 86 after a long battle with lung cancer.  He is very much missed by all.

The business was handed in 2004 to John’s eldest son Malcolm and his wife Carol who continue to develop and manage it.